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Mustang Bon Action, Skill Development Teachers’ Training

Skill Development Teachers’ Training is a project run in collaboration with Mustang Bon Action, a registered non-governmental organization founded in 2001, run by the people of Lupra village in Mustang, Nepal. The main aim of this organization is to preserve the rich culture and tradition of Mustang by supporting and developing the Chasey Kentse Hostel and Shree Lupra Basic School in Lupra through Teacher training.

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Dailekh School Project

In collaboration with the Rato Bangala Partnership in Outreach Program, RBF aimed to work in Dailekh partnering with the government at the central and district level. this project seeks to overhaul teaching and learning in Dailekh District at a scale that will touch every family and thus be a catalyst for socio-economic transformation. Through a network of over 72 accessible satellite clusters, the program concentrates on upgrading over 500 government-run schools and training over 1800 teachers in these schools. The aim is to bring government school education in Dailekh in line with the highest standards of classroom practice in Nepal and Southasia, contextualized to local conditions.

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Transformative Learning through Entertainment- Education to Reduce Child Marriage

The project, Transformative Learning Through Entertainment- Education to Reduce Child Marriage, is a collaborative effort of three organizations; Population Media Center, Rato Bangala Foundation, and The Story Kitchen. The main aim of the initiative is to raise awareness and foster dialogue around persistent gender norms, child marriage, educational inequality, and sexual and reproductive rights. The project will cover ten districts from Sudur Pachhim and Karnali Provinces.

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Radio Bal Sikai

With the education sector being one of the most affected fields by COVID-19, every school and program has solutionized shifting and adapting to virtual learning which is indeed the need of the hour. However, we also cannot deny the fact that there is a large part of the population who cannot conveniently turn or adapt

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Intent Project

Woord en Daad, an organization in the Netherlands, currently active in 22 other countries including Nepal, believes in creating hope and lasting impact in people’s lives. Woord en Daad introduced the new project bringing together four organizations of Nepal; Reed Nepal, Rato Bangala Foundation, ECEC Innovation in Education, and KISC, to form a consortium to work under Introducing New Triangle to Educate Nepalese Teachers (INTENT)- Education Project in Nepal.

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Scholarship Program

Since 2003, Rato Bangala School has reserved a limited number of seats in residence for students (both boys and girls) from disadvantaged communities whose parents cannot provide them with a quality education. This scholarship is now only for girls. In this journey, along with RBS, we support girls from marginalized communities to attend RBS. An education at RBS, an institute renowned for its quality child-centered education, will help them develop their socio-emotional skills to lead a meaningful life and contribute to community development.

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Rapid Neurodevelopmental Assessment

The Rapid Neurodevelopmental Assessment (RNDA) is a set of unique tools developed by a team of dedicated researchers over several years. The team includes child health physicians, developmental pediatricians, child neurologists, neuro-epidemiologists, child psychologists, special education teachers, and developmental therapists. The RNDA aimed to simplify the multi-professional team (MPT) assessment so that single professionals, such as primary school teachers, can conduct the assessment. The RNDA is an essential tool that has made it possible for single professionals to conduct assessments that would have otherwise required a team of professionals.

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International Conference on Quality Education (ICQE)

Rato Bangala Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST), supported by Ncell, organized the Second  International Conference on Quality Education. It seeks to work towards achieving the targets of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) regarding quality education and Nepal’s School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) Goals by focusing on

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