Bright Horizon Children’s Home, Skill Development Teacher’s Training

Near the idyllic village of Matatirtha – "Mother Earth" – outside Kathmandu is the Bright Horizon Children's Home (BHCH). About 200 children between the ages of 5 and 19 find a safe home there: Most of the children are full or half-orphans and come from very poor backgrounds.

Many come from geographically disadvantaged regions of Nepal. In the children’s home, they live together with their caregivers in a family-like setting and receive a good school education. In addition, about 70 children from the immediate vicinity are taught in the school. In addition, there are about 45 children in college.

In response to the identified needs of the beneficiary groups, RBF proposed the following training objectives:

  • To promote child-centered, hands-on teaching and learning practices in primary grades
  • To help trainee teachers understand the developmental characteristics of the children they are teaching

RBF conducted a skill-based teachers’ training program collaborating with Bright Horizon School at Matatirtha from Baishakh 2076- to Poush 2078 (March 2019 to Dec 2021), where 21 trainees participated. In March 2019, RBF conducted a baseline survey to implement and plan the BHCH Project where all teachers were interviewed to design a teachers’ training package. The project was accomplished with 24 days of skill development teachers training for 20 teachers of  BHCH.  The main objective of this training was to enhance teachers’ skills to bring quality education and to promote quality child-centered, hands-on teaching methods for meaningful teaching.

At the end of the Project, the school organized an education exhibition program with the guidance of RBF. The project was closed by a certification ceremony for teachers.

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