Transformative Learning through Entertainment- Education to Reduce Child Marriage

The project, Transformative Learning Through Entertainment- Education to Reduce Child Marriage, is a collaborative effort of three organizations; Population Media Center, Rato Bangala Foundation, and The Story Kitchen. The main aim of the initiative is to raise awareness and foster dialogue around persistent gender norms, child marriage, educational inequality, and sexual and reproductive rights. The project will cover ten districts from Sudur Pachhim and Karnali Provinces.

This will be achieved by utilizing the existing radio program “Mai Sari Sunakhari”, a radio play developed by the Population Media Center in 2017. The ultimate goal is to put an end to child marriage, protect the rights of girls, and promote action through empowerment and advocacy. The training package seeks to equip participants (aged 13-18 and in grades 8-11) with essential skills through life skills-based education, focusing on overall empowerment.

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