Our Stakeholders

The direct stakeholder are the students whose overall (social and academic) well-being and development are the central aim of RBF’s work. Three other key stakeholders are school administrators, teachers, and parents, without whome support and commitment, students will not benefit.

Visionary School Leaders

School leaders must create a vision of a child-friendly school that caters to the developmental needs of each student, provides a supportive environment for teachers, and ensures the active participation of parents. RBF’s experience has shown that when school leaders observe educational institutions that function well, they strive to make their own schools better.

Trained Teachers

For schools to function well and best serve students, teachers must be equipped with the basic skills required for meaningful teaching. When they acquire the capability to create opportunities for students to learn in the classroom, they find meaning in their work and create a better environment for students. Teachers need empowerment and encouragement, and RBF ensures that they get it.

Involved Parents

Parents, upon observing classrooms, increasingly value their children’s education and engage actively in their learning. This fosters a desire to support and participate in the school’s development, cultivating ownership and active membership in the academic community. A whole-school approach, where stakeholders collaborate, leads to collective benefits and an empowered, contributing school community, ultimately enhancing the student experience.

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