Intent Project

Woord en Daad, an organization in the Netherlands, currently active in 22 other countries including Nepal, believes in creating hope and lasting impact in people's lives. Woord en Daad introduced the new project bringing together four organizations of Nepal; Reed Nepal, Rato Bangala Foundation, ECEC Innovation in Education, and KISC, to form a consortium to work under Introducing New Triangle to Educate Nepalese Teachers (INTENT)- Education Project in Nepal.

Different organizations are working in different areas of Nepal while Rato Bangala Foundation has chosen Tarakeshwor Municipality as the project area. The goal of the project is to improve the quality of education in all 21 public schools of Tarakeshwor municipality by creating a supportive, student-centered, and practice-oriented teaching-learning environment for both students and teachers with the inclination of parents and local government over the period of five years The ultimate goal is to ensure that students receive an optimal education that prepares them for success in life. Under this project we will be working on five pathways and i.e. Pathway 1: Bachelors in Eductaion, Pathway 2: Teachers, Pathway 3: School and School Leaders, Pathway 4: Parents and Pathway 5: Local Representatives. 

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