Power of Parenting 2023

Power of Parenting is the first of an ongoing conference on parenting organized by the Rato Bangala Foundation. Set to be launched on the 30th of April 2023, this series of parenting seminars is in recognition of the immense task of parenting. Attending parents will influence how it is conducted. The conference’s objective is to provide parents with a forum for reflection, sharing, and mutual learning. These parents will have the chance to discover that their struggles are similar and that they are not alone on this difficult parenting journey. The conference is intended to provide parents the chance to discuss problems and potential solutions, while also recognizing that some problems are typical for the age group. The aim is to collaborate and develop a culture of parenting that will support the grooming of holistic individuals who will become healthier and happier versions of themselves.

The conference will feature a panel discussion on ‘Parenting in the Digital Age.’


  1. To provide parents with a platform to share their problems and struggles related to parenting.
  2. To allow parents to have a productive discourse on the most pressing challenges of parenting.
  3. To create an opportunity to be a part of workshops that will allow parents to respond to aforementioned problems and struggles, eventually leading to learning from each other.
  4. To enhance their knowledge of parenting by partaking in workshops facilitated by knowledgeable professionals relevant to their child’s age group.
  5. To enhance parenting practices and strengthen their bonds with their children.

Implementation Modality

A baseline survey has been conducted with the parents of Rato Bangala School. The 374 respondents who took part in the survey helped us cull the extensive list of 30 topics into a manageable list of half the topics most important to parents. Among these 10 parallel sessions were chosen to feature in the conference with expert facilitators to host it. They are as follows:

  1. Managing Screen Time and Establishing Routine: Kalpana Parajuli, Early Childhood Educator
  2. Responding to Brain Development in ECD: Archana Nepal, Paediatrician
  3. Practising Empathetic Parenting: Pukar Malla, Founder of Daayitwa, and Shreyashi Aryal, Gynaecologist
  4. Encouraging Language Development: Sarita Rana, Coordinator at The Rato Bangala Early Childhood Center
  5. Self-Regulation and Executive Functioning: Sheelu Karmacharya, Teacher at Rato Bangala School
  6. Encouraging Problem-Solving Skills and Positive Communication: Riju Poudyal Dhungana, Counsellor at Rato Bangala School, and Aayushma Rana Shah, Educator
  7. Online Safety: Neelam Sharma, Chair, Purple Foundation
  8. Effective Communication Strategies for Parents and Adolescent Children: Shanta Dixit, Director at Rato Bangala School and Chair at Rato Bangala Foundation
  9. Dealing with Challenging Behaviour: Sheila Shrestha, Counsellor at Rato Bangala School
  10. Breaking the Gender Stereotype: Sabin Shrestha, Senior Advocate, Forum for Women, Law, and Development


About 300 parents, educators, and experts from different backgrounds will be attending this space. The majority of the participants attending this conference will be the parents of the students studying in different schools in Kathmandu as well as the community schools outside the valley.

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