Early Grade Reading

Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) is an individually administered oral assessment that aims to assess the foundational literacy skills of children in the early grades. It assists in determining each child's reading level and makes an individualized plan to grow their reading through tailored teaching.

Developed by RBF and World Education Nepal, this package works to make children become independent and proficient readers by the time they reach Grade 3. This package differs from the rest in focusing on the socio-emotional skills of the children, through hands-on engaged activities. An extensive package supports teachers in implementation.

The main objectives of this program are as follows:

  • To provide Early Grade Reading training to all Nepali teachers through Grade III
  • To help Nepali teachers understand and use the Early Grade Reading materials in their classroom in an organized manner.
  • To ensure that adequate time is allocated in the schedule for the acquisition and maintenance of reading skills.
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