Rapid Neurodevelopmental Assessment

The Rapid Neurodevelopmental Assessment (RNDA) is a set of unique tools developed by a team of dedicated researchers over several years. The team includes child health physicians, developmental pediatricians, child neurologists, neuro-epidemiologists, child psychologists, special education teachers, and developmental therapists. The RNDA aimed to simplify the multi-professional team (MPT) assessment so that single professionals, such as primary school teachers, can conduct the assessment. The RNDA is an essential tool that has made it possible for single professionals to conduct assessments that would have otherwise required a team of professionals.

In 2019, RBF launched a new endeavor to train a group of educators in ways to use the RNDA tool, a tool new to Nepal. The RNDA was developed in Bangladesh by Dr. Naila Zaman Khan and Ms. Humaira Muslima of the BPF in collaboration with other professionals to provide disadvantaged and marginalized children with better life chances. This tool allows for the early identification of children with Neurodevelopmental Impairments (NDIs) and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (NDDs) so that early intervention can be initiated, and, in most cases, normalcy restored.

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