Primary Teacher Training Program (PTTP)

The Primary Teacher Training Program (PTTP) is a unique year-long teacher-training course structured to create professional teachers who are well-versed in the theory of holistic child development and the philosophy of education. The main objective of the twelve-month PTTP is to develop professional teachers for primary grades. The course is a joint effort of RBF, Kathmandu University, and Bank Street College of Education. The course is accredited by the Government of Nepal, National Centre for Educational Development (NCED).

Inspired by cooperation between Banking Street College of Education and Rato Bangala School dating back to 1992 and still in effect, the PTTP helps produce primary-level teachers who are well-versed in the various theories of child development and well-practiced in the classroom. After one year of training, they have had sufficient time to learn, observe, and implement high-quality teaching and learning and are ready to set out on a successful teaching career.

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