Mustang Bon Action, Skill Development Teachers’ Training

Skill Development Teachers’ Training is a project run in collaboration with Mustang Bon Action, a registered non-governmental organization founded in 2001, run by the people of Lupra village in Mustang, Nepal. The main aim of this organization is to preserve the rich culture and tradition of Mustang by supporting and developing the Chasey Kentse Hostel and Shree Lupra Basic School in Lupra through Teacher training.

In response to the identified needs of the beneficiary groups, RBF proposed the following training objectives:

  • To promote child-centered, hands-on creative teaching and learning practices in primary grades.
  • To help trainee Teachers build confidence in conducting child-friendly classes in community schools.

Over the course of one year, the Rato Bangala Foundation and Mustang Bon Action have collaborated to provide meaningful training for ten teachers from Mustang. The project reached two schools that impacted 70 students. The Trainers helped the trainees hone child-centered, hands-on teaching and learning practices and build their confidence in conducting child-friendly classes. From the feedback from Trainers and participants, we can conclude that the Teachers showed sustained interest and enthusiasm during the training sessions. Since the trainees were such active and motivated participants, they are now better able to identify a student’s needs and use local resources to make learning interesting for both students and Teachers. The successful implementation of the methods learned was clear to the Trainers during their visits. The three phases of the project provided a clear picture of how the Teachers and students have collaborated to improve their school environment and increase the quality of education. The memorable exhibition program in Mustang served as a tangible example of the positive changes pioneered by these Teachers.

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