Radio Bal Sahitya

With the education sector being one of the most affected fields by COVID-19, every school and program has solutionized shifting and adapting to virtual learning which is indeed the need of the hour. However, we also cannot deny the fact that there is a large part of the population who cannot conveniently turn or adapt to this switch. Keeping these factors in mind and working towards our vision, we are very grateful to have collaborated with Community Information Network (CIN), Ncell, and Rato Bangala Partnership for Outreach Programs(RBPoP).

With much zeal and passion, our team is excited to air our first-ever radio program ‘Radio Bal Sikai’ which is catered to primary-grade students all over Nepal. This program can be equally enjoyed by adults, parents, and teachers as it will be focused on informing our listeners on topics such as health and hygiene, nutrition, food, amazing fun facts, parenting tips, cooking recipes, and various subjects (science, math, social studies)related activities, DIY activities, environment, agriculture and many more!

We are thrilled to share that ‘Radio Bal Sikai’ will air from more than 100 community radio stations nationwide through Community Information Network (CIN) every Sunday and Wednesday evening 6:30 pm-7:00 pm starting 14 June 2020. You could also tune into 92.1 Mhz Radio Kathmandu. 107.6 Mhz Gress FM Bhaktapur or 104.2 Mhz Radio Parabaran Godawari to enjoy listening to the episodes. Moreover, we will also broadcast the program live through Rato Bangala Foundation’s and Community Information Network (CIN)’s Facebook handles.

We are thankful to all our partners who have joined our progressive learning team and have collaborated to make this radio program successful.

For feedback/queries regarding our program please choose any of the options below:

  1. Email us at to send us your drawings, sketches, stories, and recipes inspired by listening to our program. Your posts will be featured on our Facebook page.

  2. Phone- 9869271132

  3. To record your queries, stories, poems, etc, 01-5260646

  4. Inbox us on our Facebook page-Rato Bangala Foundation

  5. Post at P.O. Box 202 Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur, Nepal


Happy Listening!

1.) Radio Bal Sikai- Episode 1
2.) Radio Bal Sikai- Episode 2
3.) Radio Bal Sikai- Episode 3
4.) Radio Bal Sikai- Episode 4
5.)Radio Bal Sikai- Episode 6

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