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Rato Bangala Foundation aims to empower stakeholders in education by offering evidence-based training and awareness programs that foster quality education, prepares children to thrive in the ever-changing world and ultimately develop their communities.

About Rato Bangala Foundation

Rato Bangala Foundation seeks to ensure the right of all Nepali Children to a good-quality education. Since its inception in 2002. RBF as worked as a training institute which provides various types of training to primary and secondary school teachers.

Message From the Board

RBF has worked closely with private and public schools for over two decades to add value to education in Nepal. It strives to bring child-centered methodologies and hands-on learning into safe and enjoyable classrooms for children. Changing attitudes and behaviors of teachers and caregivers to foster them to become skilled, caring, and professional. RBF has trained over 10,000 teachers from many parts of the country, with teachers from various districts being the primary beneficiaries.

Shanta Dixit 


What We Do

We empower  stakeholders in education by offering evidence-based training and awareness programs which foster quality education.

Trained Teachers
Students Impacted


RBF has successfully introduced its uniquely communal approach in over 700 schools of seven provinces in 33 districts of Nepal.

Our Partners

20th Anniversary

RBF celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023. The celebration focused on the Dailekh School Project in the presence of Lalitpur Mayor Chiri Babu Maharjan as a Chief Guest. The panel discussion on “Why Early Childhood Education Matters” was held. Milan Dixit moderated the discussion, with Mahashram Sharma, Dipu Shakya, and Shanta Dixit as panelists.


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