Rato Bangala Foundation can use volunteers to work in its ongoing projects as per the need. RBF places volunteers at various partner schools in the districts. Volunteers focus on teaching English, Math/Science and engaging students in extra-curricular activities and developing life skills. The duration of stay will be a minimum of six months. Details will be worked out.

Provide one-time support forĀ 

  1. Fulfilling a variety of needs by providing school books for libraries, math / science material, charts, maps and globes, canvas hand puppets for social studies and language, wooden figures for social studies and language, furniture, playground equipment, development of playground, drinking water and sanitation facilities, construction of the building and a set of tin trunk material. Finance the publishing of children’s literature
  2. Rato Bangala Kitab is committed to enriching the repertoire of reading materials for Nepali children. Any help received in this field would reach Nepali children far and wide.
  3. Sponsor the development of audio visual materials for teaching English.

Sponsor a Child