Tsoknyi Gechak School Project

RBF worked with Tsoknyi Gechak School, Chobhar to improve the teaching learning environment, and an initial contract for one year had been signed. Tsoknyi Gechak is a primary level school with 130 students who come from high Himalayan regions such as Nubri, Muktinath, Tato Pani, and Solo Khumbhu. They learn Tibetan in addition to all the other regular primary subjects. With regular visits from RBF trainers and support in classroom teaching as well as school management, the following objectives were met

  1. To improve classroom management and school environment of the School.
  2. To enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers and help them improve their teaching practices.
  3. Help develop good working relationship among the school stakeholders.

RBF trainers visited the school and worked in collaboration with teachers of Tsonyi Gechak to improve teaching learning in the school. The results have been encouraging with active participation from both the trainers and the trainees.