Santi School Project

Santi School Project is a collaboration between Santi School and Rato Bangala Foundation. The essence of the project focuses on teaching learning with special emphasis on establishing a reading corner in each classroom of the six project schools from grade 1 to grade 5.

Activities completed include holding a workshop for teachers and Principals of the six schools. During the workshop they were given ideas on improving the reading habits of their children, were asked to plan and enable children to visit libraries etc. A training of trainers was also held in RBF, after which the three trainers went out and trained a total of 18 teachers from the six project schools. A follow up visit was also conducted by the trainers at a later date. The teachers and Principals then visited Rato Bangala Foundation and attended the Bal Sahitya Mahotsav, a children’s literature festival. In addition they have been provided trainings on ways to hold mini BSM’s in their own schools. All schools will hold BSM at a later date during the year.

Sets of materials to enable schools to establish a reading corner in their classrooms to encourage children to read, will be provided. A refresher training is expected to take place during October after which the project will be monitored by SWC officials during December.