Bringing English To Classrooms: An English Language Training in Dhading

The primary objective of the training was to assist teacher participants to witness and realize that language learning is a whole brain activity and that it can happen faster and better if taught using a holistic approach. Therefore the core of the training focused on an integrated approach to learning language hence focus shifted to English language not as an isolated subject but as a medium of learning. Yet another core objective of the training was to make participant teachers see the aforementioned idea synthesize into practice through activities designed for the training. The essence of this course was to motivate teacher participants to learn English and simultaneously reflect on the sessions and choose appropriate doable activities that could easily be practiced in their respective classrooms.
The training package consists of 4 thematic units:

• Four stories based on each unit

• Story based activities

• Theme based songs

• Theme based as well as supplementary Math and Science activities

After each session, participants will reflect on their experiences orally or through written reflections. All the designed activities will aim to help teachers be comfortable with the English Language and enable them to explore the possibilities of using English in everyday teaching so that students learn the language correctly.