English Audio

Rato Bangala Foundation Community school students perform poorly in English, math and science because teachers are not well versed in the subjects. Math and science to an extent can be improved through hard work and diligence but English is a major challenge. DSP to aid with better understanding of English and help with correct pronunciation and diction, developed English audio sets for students of grade 1-5. DSP personnel studied the curriculum and made necessary changes to the same. Audio lessons were eventually developed from contents of the book and recorded at a studio by Rato Bangala students.

English audio lessons along with 5 different sets of memory games, 9 sets of rhymes and list of words for text books from grade 1 to 5 were developed. The lessons stored in memory sticks were distributed to all primary schools of Dailekh. The schools purchased suitable mobile phones to insert memory sticks in and play aloud in the classrooms. Three day training on the English audio was given to 525 English teachers from 495 primary schools. Trained teachers conducted trainings in their RCs. DSP supported schools with audio sets, flex copy of rhymes and memory games. As seen in the graph below, achievement level in English has increased over the years.

English audio books for grade 6-10 are currently being worked on by the creative unit of the Foundation. The curriculum has been studied and few changes were made to the same. The recordings were done at a studio in Kathmandu. The English audio recordings to aid teachers and students with correct pronunciations will be tested and distributed to various schools across the country. All programs have been developed with help from and after acquiring permission from the Curriculum Development Center in Kathmandu.