FRADS training in Ramechap

RBF trainers visited Ramechaap from 14 February 2018 until March 16, to provide trainings to teachers of the 13 project schools, in collaboration with FRADS, Nepal. The training divided into phases has been training teachers in a subject wise manner.  Workshop for Principal and school leaders have also been held.  As of now the third phase of training for the second group of teachers and second phase for the third group of teachers has already been held. RBF trainers conducted trainings for the 4th group of teachers during March 2018.

RBF trainers once again visited Ramechaap on 14 May to conduct Phase II trainings for 20 teachers from 13 schools of Ramechaap. The trainings are subject specific for math, science etc.  RBF trainers visited Ramechaap on 11 June to conduct Phase III trainings for the 4th Group of teachers. Certificates were distributed to all participants upon completion of the training.

The project is now complete.