FRADS Training in Ramechaap

Phase II of the FRADS Training was held at Shree Sharada Devi School, in Ramechaap. The sessions for the six day training were planned for philosophy, language arts, social studies, math and science. On the last day of the training, a workshop was held for Principals and the School Management Committee (SMC) members. A total of 31 participants sat for the training. Amongst them 28 were teachers and three were social mobilizers from FRADS Nepal. The orientation of Principals and school leaders had a total of 28 participants.

All trainees have vowed to implement learning from the trainings to actual classroom settings.

The next phase of trainings for subject specific in math, language arts and science was provided for teachers of 13 schools of Ramechaap. The nine day training trained more than 31 teachers to improvise teaching learning in their classroom.